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Metalor is proud to announce that it is has launched a project to develop a scientific method for establishing the origin of gold. Working together with the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva in the frame of Innosuisse (the Suisse Agency for innovation ) the research is advancing to identify an analytical fingerprint characteristic of each mining area (sort of “DNA” of the gold).

The goal is being able to define the “signatures” naturally embedded in the mineral and detectable at all stages from extraction to the production of pure gold. This fingerprint, defined by specific isotopic ratios of impurities found in gold, would be insensitive to chemical treatments, rendering its falsification impossible. Metalor conducted already in 2016 a preliminary study to confirm the validity of this approach. This initiative would constitute a very important step to reinforce even further the due diligence and compliance process that Metalor has implemented along its supply chain.
Marin, March 2019

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