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METALOR, more than 50 years of experience

Rivet manufacturing was the first process developed by Metalor France in 1963 and it remains one of the core processes of the Electrotechnics division. We commercialize rivets as components but also integrated into riveted assemblies.

Our wires are manufactured using powder technology to our customer’s dimensional and mechanical specifications.

These products are mainly used in relays, switches, and MCB applications. We provide special low-voltage surface treatment for relay applications.

Solid rivets

A solid rivet is characterized by its composition with the head and rod made of the same material.

Ag, doped Ag, AgNi, AgSnO2, and AgZnO are our standard materials produced in a range of versions and shapes.

Our experts are at your service to provide recommendations for special materials or geometries.


Bi-metal rivets

Bi-metallic rivets were developed by Metalor in the 1980s to lower metal costs while offering an alternative solution to the electrical needs of our customers.

The bi-metal rivet is composed of a copper rod and a precious alloy head of varying thicknesses.

Ag, doped Ag, AgNi, AgSnO2, and AgZnO are our standard materials for rivets produced in a range of shapes.

Please contact us if you require further information from our experts.

METALOR produces
rivets, in France and in China
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