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Blockchain Metalor - Qenta

3 keys providing
100% assurance on provenance

Trust: blockchain means no central ownership of data; no party can modify the data.

The information is accurate and reliable as all supply chain participants adhere to stringent ESG standards. ERP integration automates tracking of asset transformation through the refinery.

Data can’t be disputed; everyone agrees blockchain transactions took place as and when recorded. Tamper-evident, single-use microchips (“cryptoseals”) are used to match physical assets to digital data, providing a fully automated, ultra-secure solution, leaving no opportunity for tampering.


Blockchain for
Chain of Custody
by Metalor

Miners attach cryptoseals to doré containers and register assets onto the blockchain. Using the handheld app, the cryptoseal is scanned to transfer custody to the logistics provider.

Security personnel from the logistics provider accept physical custody of the doré and scan the cryptoseals with a mobile device. The change in custody is irrefutably recorded directly onto the blockchain.

The refinery scans the cryptoseals to record another irrefutable custody transfer. Asset transformation through the refining process is registered directly onto the blockchain through ERP integration to maintain provenance records.

99.99% Responsible Gold products are shipped to a vault or fabricator to meet demand for investment, jewelry and industrial products.


The Virtual map allows the tracking of the responsible gold in the full value chain.

Track existing barsView the Blockchain for Chain of Custody Process
Blockchain gold is
sold to luxury groups
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