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Research & Development

Metalor Technologies, since its creation in 1852, has always supported active Research & Development teams. This interest for innovation has led to multiple successful achievement in Switzerland already in the early 20th century: the company was the first to establish a precious metals refining process, to develop new gold alloys with nickel, to produce and sell dental alloys made of precious metals or to make high purity silver nitrate.

Today, we use our expertise and experience in precious metals to develop innovative products, and support our customers by working in collaborative partnerships, including customization of products.

R & D operations are located in Europe, America and Asia to provide advice and assistance to our customers, thus enabling strong and lasting relationships.

Precious Metal Catalysts

To meet the increasing requirements of the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries, Metalor has a dedicated R & D department developing precious metal heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts made of platinum, palladium, iridium and ruthenium. In particular, our R & D can work together with our customers to improve the catalytic properties of our products for their specific reactions. See fine chemical industry catalysts for more details.

Metalor also develops custom tailored methodology to recycle the precious metals contained in customers’ spent catalysts, whether they are used in the laboratories or at industrial scale. See spent catalyst refining for more details.

Security & Traceability

Metalor Technologies R & D team is continuously working on new initiative to improve the security and the traceability of its products. For example, Metalor is now using the BullionProtect™ solution to protect our 1 kilogram bars. See BullionProtect for more details.

Our team is also investigating multiple areas of interest, including biometric markings, blockchain applications, isotopic signature of mined gold …

To contact our R & D team :

Precious metal plating processes

Precious metal powders and flakes

By understanding specific customer applications and requirements as fully as possible, our R & D and technical service teams provide enabling technology either by evolutionary development (customization of products), or by using fundamental knowledge to develop new products.

We support our customers by working in collaborative partnerships enabling us to respond effectively to both market and technical developments.

Innovation for contacts

Progressive prohibition of Cadmium:
We are very concerned about environmental issues and supports its customers in the elimination of Cadmium.

Reduction of the silver mass in contacts and optimization of existing ranges:
We are a leader in Design-to-Cost strategies and can offer solutions for reducing contact volumes (backed by rigorous electrical testing), developing competitive assembly alternatives, and optimizing existing contactor ranges.

Partnering with material and equipment suppliers, universities, and scientific research institutes, we invent the products and processes of the future. Our scientific papers are featured a world-class conferences, such as ICECr Holm, ICREPEC, and CAE. By subsidizing doctoral research, we prepare the next generation of experts while actively contributing to the development of breakthrough products and processes.

Read more about innovation for contacts

Our R&D operations are located in Europe, America & Asia
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