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Semi-finished alloy products

Goods for luxury and
industrial applications

Since the foundation in 1852 in Le Locle, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, our history has always been intertwined with the art of horology.

A solid partner in the luxury industry for over 160 years, we offer our finely crafted semi-finished products to the most prestigious companies in Switzerland and the world.

Product manufacturing

In addition to producing alloys for jewellery casting in the shape of grains or squares, we have introduced thin strips, plates, and other rolled products during the past decade.

Our extensive range of rolling mills, slitters, and cutting presses allow us to develop a wide range of products.

Should you require any other format, our team will be delighted to develop a tailored solution.

Fine precious metals and alloys

We have a historic portfolio of more than 2,000 alloys.

Among these, we offer 18 carat gold (Au 750‰) from standard pale-yellow (2N) and yellow (3N) to rose (4N) and red (5N) and various white alloys with or without nickel. Sterling silver (Ag 925‰) and platinum (Pt 950‰) are also part of our standard program of alloys.

Fine metals such as pure gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can also be used for manufacturing.

We have a historic portfolio of more than 2’000 alloys
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