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Spent Catalysts Recycling


As a leading player in the refining of precious metals, the processing and recycling of spent precious metal catalysts is one of our core competencies.

We receive spent catalysts from the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical industries in order to refine and recover the customer’s precious metals, maximizing their profitability in a totally transparent process.

In Switzerland, all precious metal analyses are carried out under the Swiss Law for Precious Metal Control, supervised by sworn assayers who guarantee that the correct amount of precious metals are returned to our customers. This unique legal framework offers unequalled protection to customers and serves as the basis for all procedures at Metalor.

The full loop service

For our fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical customers, we offer a full-cycle service including

• Logistics and pick-up of the spent catalyst at the customer’s facility;

• Evaluation of the precious metal content;

• Precious metal refining process;

• Fresh catalyst production or return of the fine metal, as preferred.


We understand that a significant amount of assets can be immobilized in spent catalysts. We develop a tailored methodology to recover or recycle the precious metals contained in your spent catalysts, whether they are used in the laboratories or on an industrial scale.

Please contact our dedicated R&D team for details:

Your single partner for precious metals : from recycling to fabrication of fresh products, including financing
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