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Metalor Check application

Metalor Check iOS & Android application

Metalor Check is an application for iOS & Android devices which allows bar owners to not only readily authenticate a Metalor gold kilobar, but also get detailed information on it – including production date and location, purity and specifications.

Furthermore, for bars made by segregated refining, information on the origin of the gold are also displayed – this includes bars from single mines or from specific areas, as well as bars issued from recycling. This application is hence fully integrated in the Metalor Ecosystem.

Download & Install

This application is entirely free.

Furthermore, Metalor respects your privacy! No picture of the bar is neither taken nor sent to us, and no personal information is shared with us when you download or use this application.

To download it from your device, go to Apple Store
or to Google Play
or use the QR-codes provided.

Test & Adopt

Test is for yourself!

If you do not have a Metalor kilobar under your hands, you can use the bar test picture on the left.

For questions or issues regarding the use of Metalor Check application, please contact:

Metalor Check application is compatible with all bars with the BullionProtect security feature – be they produced in America, Europe or Asia
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