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Corporate social responsibility


Metalor takes its responsibility towards the environment and sustainability very seriously. We work to lessen the environmental impact of our business practises both at group level, through shared and centrally monitored objectives, and locally by harnessing opportunities for improvement at our individual sites. We also expect our suppliers to meet the same standards of environmental responsibility. For example, precious metal waste produced at our refining plants is processed on-site.

Permanent Responsibility

We believe we have a permanent responsibility at every stage in the precious metal value chain – a responsibility that extends to our workforce. It is vital that each employee understands and respects the group’s commitment to sustainability, but also the importance and value of individual action; that each of them, in their job and in their own way, can contribute to this group-wide effort. This ethos has earned us our reputation as the leading global refiner promoting environmentally sustainable processes. Focusing on responsible operations, we take steps to reduce pollution arising from our products and services, both in mining activity and the refining process. Metalor Switzerland, France and United Kingdom business units are certified in ISO 14001 standard! All refining plants are RJC and LBMA certified.

Metalor’s environmental management team requires that the environmental hazards of the group’s activities be clearly identified using PFMEA risk analysis, and that measures are implemented to prevent environmentally harmful incidents from occurring. Metalor is committed to minimising the amount of energy, water and other natural resources used in its processes, as well as the amount of waste these processes generate. For example, we track water and air emissions as part of a sustained effort to limit the impact on the environment of waste from the refining process.

Measures to minimise
carbon emissions

Measures implemented in recent years to minimise carbon emissions, recover wastewater or optimise energy consumption include:

• Solar-generated electricity

• Cooling system

• Review electrical consumption load profile

• Review water consumption

• Identify energy consumers for efficiency potential
(melting furnace)

• Replace all bulbs by LEDs

Further initiatives

Already, further initiatives are planned for the very near future:

• Purchase “green energy”

• Review compressed air generation and distribution efficiency

• Evaluate ventilation system for energy efficiency potential

• Supply chain emissions (carrier)

• Transportation

Long term investments

So far in 2020, we have invested close to CHF 3 million to optimise machinery, energy management and production, photovoltaics and other infrastructure with the single aim to live up to the group’s ambitions and generate positive repercussions for the environment. In addition to investments already made, numerous other projects are in preparation or are ready to roll out.

Last but not least, each year we carry out a review of legislation and standards to ensure that our environmental requirements remain at the highest level.

We managed to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 9% and by 22% our water consumption (Data 2019 Vs 2018).
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