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Social responsibility


For Metalor, responsible sourcing implies more than just compliance. It is a reflection of how we do business, the values we uphold, and our commitment to ethical and environmental practices. Our adhesion to responsible sourcing is grounded in the policies, procedures and due diligence that we have instated at group level – but this isn’t all. We have actively contributed to the drafting of responsible sourcing policies and procedures on a global scale. In addition, all of our clients are endorsed by a compliance committee. All these consultations, investments and efforts are geared towards a single goal: ensure that precious metals come from legal and ethical sources, and that they have not been associated with illegal activities, crime, armed conflict or human rights abuse.

The Metalor

At Metalor, we conform to a single standard: ours. We improve local legislation with our own group-wide standards. The parties with which we agree to work (certain countries are excluded from our lists of potential partners) must meet our standards or take corrective action to do so – it’s an essential prerequisite for our business ethic. Furthermore, we organise regularly compliance visits on site to ensure that our standards apply. Our stringent due diligence requirements do apply to gold but also to other precious metals. In fact, we were one of the first refiners to obtain the RJC and LPPM accreditations for platinum and palladium – further proof of our commitment.

A one-slide presentation of Metalor Sourcing,
Traceability and Security Ecosystem!

Metalor is proud to present its comprehensive, self-contained ecosystem which allows customers to ensure that all metal they received is responsibly sourced and traceable. Metalor is the only refiner applying a scientific tool to validate the origin of mined gold (through the Geoforensic Passport). We use the highest standards for recycled gold, including RJC-CoC.

At our refineries, which offer different types of segregation as function of the customer needs, each processing step is recorded in our SAP system. Finally, our investment products are protected with several layers of securities, including BullionProtect and biometric markings. With our soon to be released iOS application, each customer will be able for example to validate the authenticity of a gold kilobar and get at the time information on the origin of the metal for segregated refining.

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Multiple guarantees

Implementation of standards requires transparent governance and responsibilities at every level. Metalor employees receive training in every aspect of compliance so that they can help reinforce the measures we apply. Corporate communication, third-party audits and compliance auditors echo these measures; the guarantee of quality, professionalism and responsible sourcing.

Better Gold Initiative

The Yanaquihua Mine in Peru is the perfect example of a mine with whom we are collaborating through the Swiss Better Gold Association which improves supply chains for gold from Artisanal and Small-scale Mines as well as strengthen the situation of ASM miner. We are proud to be among the founders of this association that contributes to stabilising the selling prices through direct contact, enriches the miners’ productivity, safety and therefore living conditions.

Metalor refuses to purchase over 50% of global gold production, because it does not comply with the rules and codes of conduct implemented by and for the group
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