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Social responsibility

Human rights

The protection of human rights is a key purpose of corporate social responsibility. While the United Nations has set forth a precise definition of human rights and the mechanisms for their protection, the situation on the ground is far more complex. At Metalor, we are fully aware of the risks and difficulties associated with the geographic and legal environment of precious metal mining, as well as the ethical, racial and even discriminatory issues that may arise, and never lose sight of these concerns. In our decisions and standards, we also address the child labour problem and we make sure we take action for its abolition and prevention. They underpin our initiatives and standards, dictate our working relations and partnerships, and govern our codes of conduct. In keeping with our values as a group, we have defined rules which apply to all Metalor companies. These of course incorporate third-party requirements at local and international level. We also conduct regular site inspections.


The protection of human rights in the precious metals industry demands increased effort and heightened vigilance. Codes of conduct, risk assessment, employee training, performance evaluation and public disclosure: we already implement all United Nations recommendations. Also, anyone who witnesses a breach of human rights can inform us through a grievance procedure.

The Yanaquihua mine in Peru is the perfect example of a mine with whom we are collaborating with through the Swiss Better Gold Initiative
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