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Social responsibility


Metalor’s reputation is grounded in our integrity and ethical business practices. We uphold this paradigm through comprehensive codes of conduct that leave no room for interpretation. Corruption is one of the issues widely covered in these codes of conduct. Indeed, corruption has devastating effects, such as a barrier to growth, cost escalation, unfair competition and rising inequalities.

Anti-corruption mechanisms

We have responded to this serious matter by implementing a range of anti-corruption mechanisms:

• due diligence process
• anti-bribery policy
• code of conduct for Metalor teams
• code of conduct for suppliers

Further measures complete these legal frameworks: zero tolerance, risk assessment, employee training and awareness, and public disclosure of policies and practices. As with other aspects of corporate social responsibility, we have introduced rules that apply across the entire Metalor group – and are presented to a special working committee for approval. As we continue to raise the bar for ourselves, we make it a point of honour to help our partners do the same so that we can go on working together into the future. Also, anyone who witnesses a breach of anti-corruption can inform us through a grievance procedure.

Metalor refuses to purchase over 50% of global gold production because it does not comply with the rules and codes of conduct implemented by and for the group
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