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A product range tailored to your needs

By virtue of its proficiency in powder metallurgy, we offer a wide selection of contacts based on a large choice of materials and shapes that meet the customer’s requirements.

For many years now, we have been developing our know-how and innovative processes. We can suggest 3 different material structures: parallel, perpendicular and random depending on the product’s final application.

METALOR Process 1

Die compaction:

this process allows us to get a random structure suited to certain materials such as AgW, AgWC, AgC and AgNi.

Die compaction is associated with three manufacturing technologies: sintering, impregnation and sintering/calibration. Our experts will assist you in choosing the most appropriate process.

METALOR Process 2

Extrusion and stamping:

the resulting structure is parallel to the contact face. The materials used are AgSnO2, AgC, Agni, AgCNi. For more than 20 years, we have developed the technology of bi-extrusion.

This process fosters the cohesion between the under-layer and the contact layer, thereby avoiding the risk of delamination during the stamping operation. This structure is particularly suitable for devices (circuit breakers and contactors) with erosion problems.

METALOR Process 3

Extrusion and cutting:

to this day implemented only for AgC tips. The graphite fibers are perpendicular to the contact face.

This structure is recommended in case of risk of sticking to the electrical contacts (circuit breakers mainly). For other materials or shapes, do not hesitate to contact us and get our experts advice.

We produce
each year 200 Mio. of tips
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