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Health & Safety

Employees’ safety is Metalor’s highest priority. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all our employees. Metalor’s fields of expertise – chemistry, metallurgy and precious metals processing – imply multiple risks, both in the laboratories and on-site: burns, slips and trips, intoxication, blast injuries, lifting and handling injuries, etc. Therefore, to raise awareness, we carry out dedicated communication, coaching, continuing audits, capital investments and internal training to maintain the quality of our health and safety at work. It’s part of the Metalor DNA.

The health and safety of our workforce is paramount. For this reason, we have set ourselves an ambitious “zero accident” objective and invested CHF 6 million (excluding training) in a four-point programme:

1. Employee training

2. Working conditions

3. Equipment safety

4. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

In concrete terms this translates as follows:

• All employees have been enrolled in the “Safetyfirst” training program which approach encourages employees at the Group level to question each and every operation.

• We have identified key actions set to ensure a significant cut back of work-related accident.

• 95% of the equipment has been changed or upgraded after a thorough risk review.

• An incident-report process has been implemented that allows to share lessons, ideas and improvement immediately across the 11 sites of the group. In addition, the information is printed in the monthly reports.

• We have complied with the ISO 45001 standard and launched a “safety observation process”.

Results are conclusive: thanks to our continued efforts and investment, we have reduced the number of people off work due to a work-related injury by a factor of ten and have reduced the severity (over a three-hour leave) of cases by 29%.

Occupational health and safety is a priority for the Metalor group; our Swiss, French and UK sites have even achieved ISO 45001:2018 certification. We take our employees’ welfare seriously and have set up schemes to ensure they feel supported and encouraged to take care of themselves. Last but not least, each year we carry out a review of legislation and standards to ensure that our health and safety requirements remain at the highest level.

We have reduced the number of people off work due to a work-related injury by a factor of ten, and the severity of cases by 29%
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