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Security feature

High-security ink solution for bullion protection

In recent years, the precious metals market has seen an increasingly worrying number of fake kilobars (in which other metals like tungsten are present or which do not contain gold at all) as well as counterfeit kilobars (made of high purity gold, but with forged serial numbers and hallmarks imitating reputable manufacturer).

To ensure the integrity of the bullion market, SICPA, the leading Swiss provider of global security solutions for currencies, and Metalor Technologies have jointly developed a technology-based security feature called BullionProtect®. A special high-security ink is applied directly to the surface of the bullion, adding negligible weight (<20 mg). Its security is built on proven technologies with high anti-counterfeit robustness that have been used in specialized markets, such as passports, for more than a decade.

authenticity verification

BullionProtect® allows all actors within the supply chain to verify the authenticity of precious metal products on three levels:

• Visual check of security seal;

• Quick verification using a blinking light system or validator;

• Unique QR code embedded in the seal, readable by any smartphone.

For example, using the credit-card sized validator, simple and immediate verification of security seals can be performed with high throughput even in limited space, without adequate lighting, and without an internet connection – 100 kilobars can be checked in less than one minute.

Adopted by multiple LBMA Good Delivery refiners

BullionProtect® is compatible with existing and future security measures. Gold purity is guaranteed at all stages of production, delivery, transaction, and recycling – the inks burn upon melting without adding any impurity to the gold. It is both cost- and time-effective. The seal is very robust and cannot be removed without destroying it.

BullionProtect® is compatible with all bullion types and is customizable and scalable to different market needs and evolving demands. BullionProtect® is available to all key market players; seven LBMA Good Delivery refiners have already adopted this solution.

For questions regarding the use of BullionProtect® at Metalor, please contact:

BullionProtect was the first security solution adopted by multiple refiners around the world
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