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Innovation for Contacts

Innovative solutions for our customers

Our global and regional R&D departments develop innovative solutions to provide optimal performance at reduced cost. Our expertise applies to new materials, products, and processes.

Collaborative approach

Our R&D departments work closely with customers to develop custom products meeting exacting specifications. Our electrical test laboratory not only evaluates our innovative materials and assembly processes, but also assesses the electrical performance of our products in our customers’ devices.

We back this up with specific training and knowledge sharing during our Tech Days.

METALOR works in close collaboration with its customers on major topics

Progressive prohibition of Cadmium:
We are very concerned about environmental issues and supports its customers in the elimination of Cadmium.

Reduction of the silver mass in contacts and optimization of existing ranges:
We are a leader in Design-to-Cost strategies and can offer solutions for reducing contact volumes (backed by rigorous electrical testing), developing competitive assembly alternatives, and optimizing existing contactor ranges.

Partnering with material and equipment suppliers, universities, and scientific research institutes, we invent the products and processes of the future. Our scientific papers are featured a world-class conferences, such as ICECr Holm, ICREPEC, and CAE. By subsidizing doctoral research, we prepare the next generation of experts while actively contributing to the development of breakthrough products and processes.

Our scientific research division was set up in 1938
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