A large range of electrical contacts based on the alloys of silver and subjected to severe electrical, thermal and mechanical forces require perfect bond quality obtained by metal diffusion between tip and support during the brazing operation.


Low voltage switchgear

  • Contactors
  • Industrial circuit breakers
  • Mains switches

End use

  • Machinery
  • Line protection
  • Installation protection
  • Automotive industry
  • Railways
  • Fork lift trucks

Contact forms

Metalor offers flexibility in production methods. This flexibility allows us to assemble most contact types on a wide range of supports. As far as brazing is concerned we can offer brazed parts comprising several components assembled simultaneously ,e.g. support, tips and arc runners.

  • All types of electrical contact material and shapes.
  • All types of support m aterials and shapes.

Production method

  • Stampings
  • Hot stampings
  • Machined or turned
  • Profile extrusion and machining


  • Copper, copper iron alloys
  • Bronze, brass
  • Steel or copper plated steel

Surface finishes

  • Silver plated
  • Passivated
  • Cold worked and calibrated

Stamped supports

Hot stamped supports

Turned supports

Support from extruded profile


Production method

As a result of many years of experience our manufacturing experts have established a variety of production methods enabling us to offer a wide range of assemblies numbering a few thousand parts per batch to many millions, by the use of robots and fully automated machinery.


  • Induction
  • Flame
  • Furnace


  • Rotating Tables
  • In-line machines
  • Single operation machines

Induction brazing


Flame brazing

Inspection method

Metalor can guarantee excellent bond quality by both destructive and non-destructive inspection methods.

Ultrasonic measurement of Bond Quality

US control machine