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Jewelry: New distribution agreement in the Swiss market

Division : Watches and Jewelry

Metalor Technologies SA has decided to set up a more flexible and efficient structure in order to meet and react more specifically and quickly to the expectations of the Swiss jewellers.

Metalor has signed a distribution agreement with Ateliers Outilor SA.

Ateliers Outilor, who has taken over many years ago the programme of jewellery findings of Metalor, has signed a new distribution agreement with Metalor and will take over by November 1st 2001 the distribution and supply of all goods formerly delivered by Metalor Technologies SA to the Swiss jewellers. Ateliers Outilor will exclusively be sourced by Metalor in precious metal alloys. This maintains and guarantees to the clientele a continued supply of the high quality precious metal alloys from Metalor Technologies.

The administrative handling of the scraps will be done as off the begining of November 2001 through Ateliers Outilor. The recovery will still be assumed by Metalor maintaining the reliable services which has been appreciated so far.

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