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Our products are manufactured by casting (weakly doped silver alloy) in the form of billets and by powder metallurgy.

Powders are blended using dry or wet mixing. The pseudo-alloyobtained is used either directly to produce tips by compression using a rotary press or transformed into billets by compressing the powder mixture at high pressure and subjecting it to thermal treatment (sintering). The aim of these two operations is to increase the density of the pseudo-alloy.

The billets (cast or compressed) are pushed through a die to produce extruded wire or strips. These products are then drawed or rolled or calibrated to the final shape.

Wire drawing consists of reducing the section of wires using dies of smaller and smaller diameter until the required dimension is obtained. Each drawing process or series of drawing processes is accompanied by thermal treatment (annealing).

Wire is used to produce micro-rods and solid, bimetallic and trimetallic rivets or to manufacture welded products onto a common metal strip.

Rolling consists of reducing the thickness of a strip by passing it between the two adjustable cylinders of a rolling mill. Here also each passage of the strip between the cylinders is accompanied by a stress-relieving thermal treatment (annealing).

Strips can be supplied with or without a brazing layer or stampped out in the shape of tips.